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Glossary of Terms

Administrative Contact

The administrative contact is an individual authorized to interact with the Registry on behalf of the domain name Registrant. The administrative contact should be able to answer non-technical questions about the domain name's registration and the domain name Registrant.

Billing Contact

The billing contact is the person designated to receive the invoice for domain name registration and renewal fees.


DNS is an abbreviation for Domain Name System. This System translates a domain name into the Internet Protocol ( IP ) address to find a website. The network of computers that constitute the Internet map domain names to their corresponding IP addresses. That data is made available to all computers and users on the Internet. The computer that performs the mapping is called a nameserver to DNS server

Domain Name

The sequence of words, phrases, abbreviations, or characters that identifies a specific computer or network on the Internet and serves as its address. A domain name is the core of a company's online identity; it is the address customers will use to find information about products and services on the web.

IP address

The numeric identification number that refers to a specific website address on the Internet.


ISP - Internet Service Provider. An ISP provides access to the Internet for others via some connectivity service(s). This might be in the form of dial up or direct connect services, web hosting services or the combination of both.


Modification denotes a function whereby contact information or DNS information can be updated to reflect amendments pertaining to a domain name. Administrative and Technical Contacts for a domain name have the ability to modify domain name information.

Name Server

A computer that performs the mapping of domain names to IP addresses; sometimes referred to as a host server.

Name Service (Primary or Secondary)

The domain name-to-Internet Protocol (IP) number resolution is known as Name Service. Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) operate name servers and provide their customers with name service when they register a domain name.

NIC handle

A NIC Handle is a unique identifier, which can consist of up to 10 alpha-numeric characters, assigned to each domain name record, contact record, and network record.

Primary Server

The designation of "primary" means that this name server will be used first and will be relied upon before any of the other name servers that may be listed on the Domain Name Registration Agreement.


The entity, organization, or individual listed as the "owner / user" of the domain name is also known as the Registrant.


Any entity, organization, or individual that acts on behalf of a Registrant regarding domain name registrations or modifications is known as a Registrar.


The organization responsible for the administration and maintenance of a top-level domain is known as the Registry. The Registry also acts as the "repository" for a particular top-level domain.

Registration / Renewal

Most TLD registries require initial registration fees which is the charge for registering a Web Address or domain name. The fee covers the cost of processing the initial registration and maintaining of the domain name record. After the initial registration period, the domain name is subject to renewal which usually includes payment of renewal fees on an annual basis. This also gives the Registrant and the Registry an opportunity to update contact information.

Secondary Server

The designation of "secondary" indicates that the name server will be used in addition to and as a backup for the primary name server which is listed on the Domain Name Registration Agreement.

Second Level Domain

In the Domain Name System (DNS), the next highest level of the hierarchy underneath the Top Level Domain is referred to as the second level domain. For example in the name dominca.dm the name ' dominica ' is the second level domain.

Technical Contact

The technical contact is the person or organization who maintains the primary domain name server. The technical contact should be able to answer technical questions about the domain name's primary domain name server and work with technically-oriented people in other domains to solve technical problems that affect the domain name.

Top Level Domain (TLD)

In the Domain Name System (DNS), the highest level of the hierarchy is referred to as the Top Level Domain. For example, in the name dominica.dm , the name ' dm' is the Top Level Domain.

Transfer of Domains

Domain names can be transferred to another organization or individual. Most Registries require a process by which permission from the former Registrant to hand over control to the proposed Registrant is authorized. The procedure for change of Registrant is known as a Transfer.


The term Whois refers to a domain name search or a "look-up" feature for a database; typically for Top-Level Domain name Registries. Information such as name availability can be found through a query or search using a Whois protocol. Most Top-Level Domain Registries maintain their own Whois database containing domain name contact information.

Zone file

The group of files that reside on the domain host or name server. The zone file designates a domain, its sub-domains, and mail server.